Choose Shutters From Timbershades

Planning to give your house a fresh look? Want to change up the décor without having to burn a hole in your pocket? Try redecorating your windows. If you have curtains and drapes that have been covering your windows and taking up the space in your room, get rid of them. Get some plantation shutters […]

Why Prefer Timber Flooring In Perth?

In Perth, timber flooring by Lifewood fall under the category of both traditional and contemporary. These floors help in keeping the house cool during the hot summer and serve as warm floors in chilly winters. Timber floors are allergen free and give beautifying looks to the house. Cleaning these floors is an easy job.

Carpet Cleaning Brisbane Team Share Carpet Maintenance Tips With Owners

The owners must focus on maintenance of carpets by not over-vacuuming them. Retaining the looks of the carpet is the key with professional cleaners. When in doubt, get in touch with the carpet cleaning Brisbane team for help. Get a demo on cleaning and maintenance; this can help the owners in the long term. SunStateCleaningServices, […]

Threading vs Waxing – Eyebrows

Waxing of eyebrows is more painful as it involves heated wax applied on a piece of cloth which is then applied on the hair that needs to be removed and pulled out at a certain speed to get the hair out of the roots. However, the wax may not be suitable for all skin types. […]